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Street Artist Etienne Lavie Hijacks Billboards in Paris Replacing Ads with Classic Artworks (via)

For his latest project titled “OMG, Who Stole My Ads?”, French street artist Etienne Lavie imagines what the streets of Paris would look like if all the ads plastered on posters and billboards were replaced by great works of art. Sneaking around the city, Lavie has been covering advertising billboards with classic French artworks, reclaiming some of the public spaces that have been so mercilessly invaded by advertising. The project challenges the destructive impacts of the advertising industry, getting people to slow down in the midst of their daily routines and simply enjoy the beauty of art. 


This Gay Marriage Proposal Isn’t Entirely What It Seems. But It IS Awesome.

Affectionately known as ‘Michael Squared’, Michael Rachlis and Michael Feldman are a couple of actors well known on the Los Angeles comedy circuit. And they’re also a couple in the romantic sense of the word. 

'The Michaels' had been dating for three years until Rachlis (Michael #1) plotted to surprise his partner with an impromptu marriage proposal at the curtain call for Fairy Tale Theatre show, in which Feldman (Michael #2) stars at the Acme Comedy Theatre in Hollywood. ‘Plotted’ being the operative word: both men had promised to beat the other to the post. 

But if this was indeed a race, it was one in need of a photo finish. In the end, Michael #1 seems to have beaten Michael #2 by a whisker. Watch as his ‘surprise’ proposal takes an unexpected turn moments after he utters the words ‘will you marry me?’. 

But I’m not going to give the game away. Just watch the video. 

Rachlis’ opening speech alone is worth witnessing for some snappy one-liners: “I open-mouth kissed you on the dancefloor before I even knew your name”, he confesses in a TOO-MUCH-INFORMATION kinda way, before adding. “And then it grossed me out when I found out that it was my name”. 

Hilarious and heartfelt, with an epic twist of Shyamalan-style proportions to boot. 

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